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Your support and contributions will help us improve your child's educational experience at the ELC. Every dime of your generous donation will fund our mission. 

The ELC Playground Fund

Our biggest endeavor to date has been raising funds for a new playground, which our school greatly needs. For years, the WSNPTA has been fundraising and donating little by little to a playground fund, which has finally allowed the ELC to purchase a small playground unit to begin the process of building an actual playground to meet the needs of our 300+ students. Although this first step allows us to see the fruits of our labor, there is still quite a bit of fundraising that needs to be done for a complete playground. We rely on your donations to make this possible.

Please consider donating now. No donation is too little, and even a single dollar will bring us closer to our goal.


We thank you for your support!

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Your help determines how much we can do for your child. Donations can be made by clicking below or by dropping off a check payable to "WSNPTA" or cash at the school front desk. Donating directly at school is preferable and will help us avoid fees.

Thank you for helping us help your child!

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